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Neighbourhood Plan

Thinking of going to the parish council meeting tonight to comment on the NP then you can't as next meeting not until December. The bulldozer is at maximum speed. County Councillor states in Henley Standard "...depending on feedback ...we may modify the plan..". How do you give feedback? Looks as though its not wanted!

Posted by: M J Littlechild | 13/11/2017 1:05 pm

As Chair of the NP Steering Group, I am more than happy to take any comments that you may have about the NP.
Also may I remind you that the proposals at present are in draft form, and a Consultation Draft of the document will be posted on this website.
The Plan has many stages to go through before it becomes an adopted plan and there are therefore a number of opportunities for feedback as followers of the NP on here will be aware.

email address is peter.boros@shiplakevillages.com

Posted by: Peter Boros | 13/11/2017 2:57 pm

So if you couldn't get to the exhibition. You don't get to comment? The villiage has over a 1000 residents!

Posted by: M J Littlechild | 13/11/2017 1:16 pm

I am perplexed by this comment. The Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group went to great lengths to organise the public exhibition last week and feedback cards were given to all attendees (around 300 in number).

Posted by: Cllr David Bartholomew | 13/11/2017 1:12 pm

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You are here:    Forum - Issues & Concerns - Neighbourhood Plan