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Make it, Bake it!

Rainy day things to build or cook at home. Turn off the TV and get making!!

Easter Art Competition

Easter Bonnets by Adella and Athena 

With Easter just around the corner, it's that time where us parents rack our brains to think of ways to keep the little darlings entertained for two long weeks..... There are only so many times one can visit soft play centres or the River & Rowing Museum when it's raining, without going stir crazy!

With this in mind, we are opening a competition to children of all ages to draw or paint an Easter-themed picture (or indeed make a bonnet, collage or other arty creation).

There is no prize per se, it's just for fun - all entries will be showcased on the website, and the winner will be selected by our local professional childrens author and artist - Holly Surplice. www.hollysurplice.co.uk 

Please send photos of your entries, with a title for the picture, + childs name and age to kc@shiplakevillages.com

Closing Date - Sunday 10th April

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Fire Engines!


Turn empty plastic milk cartons into 'fire engines'

First paint empty clean cartons red, use four lids and stick them on in the position of wheels; use a pipe cleaner for a hose; from a piece of card cut out the shape
of a ladder and place across the top of carton; finally use blue stickers as lights.

Have fun!

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Playdough Recipe

1 cup plain flour, half cup salt, 1 cup water, 2teaspoons cream of 
1 tablespoon cooking oil , food colouring.

Mix all ingredients together in a pan & cook over a medium heat . When 
mixture begins to
come away from the sides of the pan,remove from heat . Knead & store in 
a tight  container.
Have fun!

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Cardboard Zoo!


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