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Shiplake Memorial Hall

Shiplake memorial Hall

The hall was opened in 1927.

A major modernisation of the Hall replacing the antiquated kitchen and toilets, building a new entrance and replacing the existing leaky flat roofs with insulated pitched roofs was formally opened on 26th October 2013. The picture shows the hall before the modernisation.


Updating your Will? - Please Remember the Memorial Hall

Shiplake Memorial Hall is a registered charity and a vital asset for our community, being used for many different events, classes, amateur dramatics and functions. Built over 90 years ago, the structure is now showing its age and the trustees are planning for a number of major capital refurbishment projects that will be needed during the coming years. Although income currently just covers operating costs, paying for major project work relies on fund raising and grants, plus a small reserve fund built up over the years. We need to try and build up our reserves much more to enable future major repairs and improvements, for example, replacing and insulating the main roof which is likely to cost around £100,000.

If you are updating your will, why not include a legacy to the hall to contribute to helping ensure that the hall continues to be available for future generations? Gifts to charities bequeathed by will are exempt from Inheritance Tax.

Upcoming Event - Amber & the Professors


Amber & the Professors are a fun-loving swing band that create vintage-style records out of modern pop songs! In honour of the release of their debut EP album, Amber & the Professors are getting together with Reading-based foodies Pop-Up Reading again for their second collaboration. The Bathtub Club, who hosted a sell-out vintage do in October last year, are seriously looking forward to putting on this Vintage Ball EP Launch Party!

This totally unique event, which takes place on 27th October, includes an optional return journey on a retro Routemaster Bus to from Reading Station to Shiplake Memorial Hall (photo opportunity!), Prosecco on arrival, 3-course dinner cooked by local foodies at Pop-Up Reading/Nomad Bakery, support act and full show by Amber & the Professors 7-piece swing band. Dancing and dressing up in Black Tie and Glamour are fully encouraged. Every guest gets to take home a copy of the CD too!

To buy your tickets, click here.                                                    Official Event Page

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Having received complaints of fouling of the Memorial Hall Recreation Ground by dogs and not wanting to ban them entirely from the Ground the Trustees have concluded that the only practical solution is to require that all dogs on the Ground should be on a lead. This assumes, of course, that owners will in any event remove and dispose of any of their own dog’s poos appropriately in the interests of all users of the Ground, most of whom are children.

Notices to this effect have recently been displayed at the Ground but it is disappointing to find that two of these have already been stolen. These have been replaced but there is a cost to the charity which maintains the Hall and the Ground.

We hope the local residents may help us with this and may be prepared to draw the notices to the attention of the owners of any dogs running free. Please report any problems to the trustees via manager@shiplakehall.com

Thank you

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Larch Trees on the Border of the Shiplake Memorial Hall Recreation Ground


The row of sixteen Larch trees on the far boundary of the Memorial Hall ground have been causing problems for several years. The roots have been causing damage to the adjoining properties and in particular the foundations of the buildings, even of those at some distance from the field itself.  Attempts have been made in the past to remedy the problem by topping the trees but with only limited and temporary success. Further and progressive damage has recently become evident and the Hall Trustees have regretfully concluded that the only solution is to fell the trees in question, a number of which are in any case in a somewhat dilapidated state, and propose to replace them with others of a species more suited to the locality. The Council have confirmed that the trees are not protected. 

To minimise disturbance the felling will take place in three stages, over the next three months and the works will be carried out by qualified and experienced tree surgeons. The adjoining home owner principally affected is aware of and is content with this resolution of this long outstanding problem.

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The Hall in Use

  • Laid out for a Wedding
  • The Kitchen
  • Stage set up for Pantomime
  • Laid out for a Wedding
  • Plenty of room for a Bouncy Castle
  • Let the Party begin
  • New Main Entrance

The beautiful main hall is a popular venue for a wide range of activities, including fitness and dancing classes, meetings, exhibitions, concerts, drama productions and fund raising events. Together with its adjoining, professional catering standard kitchen, it makes an ideal venue for celebration events, and regularly accommodates wedding receptions, wedding anniversaries, adult parties and children's parties.

The photo gallery to the right shows the hall in use.

For more information on the Hall please visit our website or call our bookings line on 0118 324 3303.

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To be opened in 2064 - Time Capsules Unveiled

Pictures of Shiplake, diaries and children’s toys were among items placed inside two time capsules to represent life in the village. Trustees of Shiplake's Memorial Hall organised a competition for villagers to submit suggestions for what to include in the wooden boxes. The contest was launched to commemorate the £430,000 modernisation of the building in October 2013.

The capsules were attached to the wall of the hall in Memorial Avenue before an unveiling ceremony with the winners. Isabella Barlow, seven, of Northfield Road, won the under-11s category, while the Blanchard family, of Badgers Walk, won the senior category.

Each capsule has a plaque, saying: “The Way We Were, July 2014.” Underneath is etched who filled it and a request that it should be opened in 50 years’ time.

Isabella, who pulled a curtain to unveil her box, said she was happy to have won and that she would be taking her friends and family to see her box. She included a photograph of her classmates at Shiplake Primary School in their school uniform and pictures of the village, including Shiplake Lock where she likes visiting the ducks.

The Blanchards filled their capsule with diary entries from friends and families in the village, photographs of the memorial hall before and after its refurbishment and an aerial shot of the village. 

The photo was taken at the unveiling of the time capsules.

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Full Steam Ahead at the Memorial Hall

Today saw one of the more unusual hires of the Hall when Stephen Howard, a Henley resident, used it to check out his latest G-gauge exhibition model railway. The layout  consists of a number of sections joined together, but overall is so large that it had never before been put fully together. Steve and a team of volunteers used the Hall to rehearse the assembly of the whole layout and test its operation, prior to taking it on exhibition nationally. Unfortunately, because of the Hall's smoke detection system all the running trials were with electrically powered locomotives!

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Hogwarts Memorial Hall

Many hirers choose to decorate the Memorial Hall to reflect the theme of their party but none have achieved so complete a transformation as that to celebrate Harry Potter fan Nicole’s 16th birthday.

Full story

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F1 Racing at Shiplake Memorial Hall!

Another unusual use of the Hall!

For a recent suprise birthday celebration the floor of the Shiplake Memorial Hall was converted into a racetrack. Memories of childhood Scalextric sets came flooding back as budding F1 drivers got to grips with remote controlled cars in a number of practice heats. After the main races were over the track was quickly cleared away and tables brought in from the sides for the birthday celebration meal.

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