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Henley Library (Oxfordshire County Council)

The OCC Mobile Library comes to Binfield Heath and Lower Shiplake alternate Monday mornings, stopping in Binfield Heath by the bus shelter from 10.15-10.30, then in Lower Shiplake at the Baskerville Arms from 10.45-11.15. The mobile library calls at Shiplake in Week 2, the unshaded row of this Calendar 
More information about the OCC Mobile Library service here.

Caversham Library (Reading Borough Council) 

New 'Library' for Shiplake


Book Exchange in old Phone Box

The adoption of the phone box on Station Road by the Parish Council has been completed and after consultation with the Community it has been decided to convert it to a ‘Book Exchange’.

The work is well advanced with all metal work cleaned and primed, the door stripped and painted with two coats of Red Heritage paint, the floor laid and the backboard and shelf mountings fitted. The shelves have been made and varnished and are ready for installation. 

Further work includes a qualified electrician connecting the lighting, tiling the floor, applying the Heritage paint to the rest of the box and to install signage.  This final works will have to wait until we have warmer weather and on this basis the opening of the book exchange is provisionally scheduled for the end April or early May.

Article created / last edited: 28 February 2018