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Shiplake Children Consulted on Neighbourhood Plan

Enormous thanks to Mrs Katherine Page-Howie, Shiplake Primary School Head, and her staff for consulting on the NP with the children and asking them for their views on: 

What they  like about living in Shiplake?

When not at school  what activities they enjoy doing  in the village?

What do they think needs improving in the villages and why?

Lots of interesting postive answers including such as: the playgrounds, wildlife, small, quiet and calming, cycling safely, peaceful quiet woods, country side walks, a good place to 'trick or treat', Corner Shop, the river and going to the Baskerville??

Many serious suggestions for improvements including traffic to travel slower, less pollution, less litter and dog poo,  improved roads, more activities available and, yes, a  'bigger sweet shop'...there has to be fun in life!

All contributions will be summarised and circulated as part of the Neighbourhood Plan evidence base.

A final short survey for residents 18 years and older should be available shortly to complete the information needed for the Neighbourhood Plan. We trust we will have an equally enthusiastic response.

Many thanks again to the school and children for their contribution to the plan. 

NP Steering Group

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NP Updates: March - June 2019

As outlined at the Shiplake Annual Parish Meeting in May, there have been significant changes  to Shiplake's proposed NP. You can view the ppt prentation by clicking on link:


You can check the progress of the plan in more detail by clicking on the link below to the Steering Group's updates to the parish council for March -June 2019: the current status of the Shiplake Neighbourhood Plan 


NP Steering Group


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Neighbourhood Plan Area Re-designated

The request to change the area to be consistent with current parish boundaries was approved on 3rd May 2019. This affects those houses and areas in Northfied Avenue,  Bolney Road and Bolney Lane, which were technically previously part of Harpsden until boundary changes in 2014. They were also included in the Joint Henley & Harpsden Neighbourhood Plan (JHHNP), which is in the process of being updated. Notices will be displayed on parish notice boards and on the parish website on the NP - Documentation page OR click here to see the SODC approval and Shiplake's Supporting Statement for the change. 

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