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Level Crossing Safety

Note the before and after change of sign, which still provides for train drivers to use the whistle/horn if required and then proceed. Essentially the same procedures and common sense apply as if crossing the road...look both ways, listen and proceed if safe. This applies to both ends of the platform at Shiplake. At the level crossing there is the addition of warning sounds and flashing lights and since the installation of barriers, followed by cameras, there has not been a major incident. That said there is the rare occasion of a foolhardy pedestrian/cyclist who feels they can take the risk. The horn will be blown. Please make sure everyone in the family takes appropriate care when using any railway crossing.

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Neighbourhood Plan Changes...Mission Impossible?

Many thanks to the 60+ residents who attended the APM to catch up on the status of the plan. For those that missed it, simply click below to see the presentation:


What is different?...no site selection, as per SODC's revised Local Plan, a focus on 'Constraints & Policies' in the context of rural villages, their character and landscapes, and the appointment of Bluestone Planning consultants to finalise the plan. You may see them taking photographs this week, whilst assessing the character of the villages. They have access to all the material on our website but if you have historic  material that you feel might be relevant then please let us know via: feedback@shiplakevillages.com

Mission Impossible? .....No. Yes, there have been bumps in the road, detours and a lot more besides but will you have the opportunity to give your views on the revised plan later this year? Yes.

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Removal of Horns at Level Crossing approved by RSSB

The noise level of the horns used on the branch line has been increasing in recent years and become a nuisance to many homes close to the track. Network Rail (NR) and GWR  acknowledged the issue and, after lengthy and detailed consultations with the Rail Safety and Standards Board (RSSB),  the requirement to sound the horn is being removed at 2 'whistle stops' at Shiplake station on Monday 13th May. There will be a trial period of 12 months, the success of which may have benefits for many people nationally.

This represents a significant improvement from a health and welfare perspective, not least children being woken late at night/early morning by aggressively blown horns. If you rely on the horn as some form of 'alarm clock' you will need to make other arrangements. If you live at some distance from the station and like the sound of the horn occasionally, you will still be able to enjoy the 'hoots' but not as frequently.

Well done to the group of residents who made this possible. It took 4 years and may be viewed as a feat not far short of a 'Mission Impossible' episode. Pedestrians using the crossing must use their common sense and ensure they use the level crossing safely ...more on this in the coming days...and, yes, drivers will always use the horn if someone is on or near the track! For those that do not there is a CCTV monitor. 

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Coming this Saturday

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