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Shiplake Picnic and Party

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Party in the Park 9th September

This year's Party and Picnic takes place on 9th September at Shiplake Memorial Hall Field starting at 12 Noon. 

Put the date in your diary NOW!

Dangerous & Life Threatening - 21/06/2018 @ 17:30

The level crossing barriers are there for a reason: to save lives and eliminate injuries - physical and mental - to pedestrians, car drivers and train drivers. Anyone walking, cycling or driving over the level crossing when the red lights are flashing and the barriers are lowering/in position are committing an offence and may be prosecuted/fined. Almost everybody understands this. However, someone chose to ignore it. Below is a copy of an email received this evening:

'I just witnessed from my son's bedroom window a man who had just come off the 17.30 train - tall, possibly in his 60s with a white check patterned shirt crossing when the barriers were down and after the train had sounded its horn. You can understand the frustration of the drivers in these instances. He headed towards Bolney Road. I should add it looked like he was talking on his phone through his headphones.'

We are working with Network Rail and GWR to eliminate such instances. Please do not ignore all the warning signals and barriers and DO NOT CROSS when activated.

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Shiplake Community Space Project

Since the NP update provided at the APM, we have had many questions on the Community Space suggestions - what, how and why - particularly at the recent 'Pop Up' sessions. Will Stevens, the SG member who has developed the ideas and recent proposals, liaising with a leading consultancy  for such initiatives, has provided an article capturing the essence of the APM presentation with the possibilities outlined. The article is intended for the June issue of Shiplake News but given the interest shown you can read it now  by clicking here.

It needs to be emphasised that this potential project has been developed based on residents' responses provided in the Shiplake NP Survey (2017), many of which can be clustered under the heading 'How can we make Shiplake a better place?' and specifically Lower Shiplake in this case. (There are 4 potential parish wide projects, which will be presented in the Shiplake NP draft consultation documents and will be available shortly.

I have used the words 'suggestions, possibilities and potential' intentionally because that is what the projects are. With all such projects they will be influenced by resident feedback, due consideration  of all safety aspects and potential impact on local commerce and, yes, how they might be paid for.

David Pheasant & Will Stevens on behalf of the NPSG   

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Shiplake Picnic and Party

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