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New Building, New Name for Sydney Harrison!

The old building now gone and a new one along with 4 semi detached houses is being built this year. SODC and the developers feel they should have a new name...the main building and the individual houses. The parish council would like residents to provide suggestions. 

Simply let us have your suggestions by clicking here using the village website: feedback@shiplakevillages .com

All suggestions to be received by Sunday March 4th. Parish council to announce  decision by next council meeting on 12th March.

We look forward to hearing from you and, for those that miss using the community room in the old building, a new one is promised when the building are completed.  

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Retirement Village - Your Help is Needed

The developer has requested a Public Inquiry into SODC's refusal of the the original application (P16/S3438/O). Many thanks to the many residents who objected to the application supporting the parish council. An inquiry date will be notified in due course. What can you do now? See below.

The inspectorate is requesting further comment, which needs to be forwarded by 23rd February 2018. The parish council has resubmitted its original objection as there has not been any material change to the original application. It has added further comment perinent to the continued refusal of this aplication. One aspect is the strong views of residents, represented in Shiplake's Neigbourhood Plan, to protect the rural green gaps between the villages and in providing smaller more affordable homes for younger families. This accords with SODC's new Local Plan requirements. The proposed retirement village represents the polar opposite to such requirements.

A copy of the council's submission and also David Bartholomew's (OCC Councillor) robust case for continued refusal of the application can be viewed by clicking on the links below and used to register your own objection:

Parish Council's Objection     David Bartholomew OCC Objection

The Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group will also be submitting their strong objections to the inspectorate. What can you do? Go to the link below and make sure your objections to this completely inappropriate development are made clear.


Alternatively, write to Kerr Brown, The Planning Inspectorate, Room 3/O Kite Wing, Temple Quay House, 2 The Square, Bristol, BS1 6PN. Remember this has to be done by 23rd February.

Many thanks for all your support in very strongly opposing this application...the developers have 'deep pockets' not least with large corporate involvement.

David Pheasant - Shiplake PC & NP Steering Group. 

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How valuable will a Neighbourhood Plan be?

New Builds are Coming:  The Battle in the Countryside

There will be a significant update on the progress of Shiplake NP after next week's parish council meeting. In the meantime, everyone might benefit from watching tonight's BBC2 programme on what is happening with new housing development close to us in South Oxfordshire. According to a developer/architect 'No one has a right to a view -unfortunately. Things change, and we have to get used to that in Britain.'...that's in part 2 next week.

The feedback from Shiplake's resident survey and Open Exhibition strongly supports the development of our Neighbourhood Plan in seeking to retain the rural nature of Shiplake. Whilst meeting SODC's Local Plan obligations for increased housing, with provison for younger familes, it is our best chance of avoiding major urban development in the parish.

Below is a summary of the 2 programmes....should make for interesting viewing!

“How do you mend the broken housing market? The country needs to build 300,000 homes a year just to keep up with demand. In this series, film-maker Richard Macer heads to one of our most expensive counties, Oxfordshire, where vast areas of once-protected countryside are being turned into housing. With remarkable access to councillors, developers, architects and campaigners, and filmed over nine months, Richard asks if building these vast estates is a solution to the crisis.”

31 January 2018 (and available on i-player afterwards - http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b09qmrsj):

“In episode one, Macer explores the controversial decision by the government to free up the green belt to developers. In the tiny charming village of Culham, he finds residents furious at plans to supersize their village to three and a half thousand new homes. But just a few weeks after the announcement of the new estate, sinister developments start to grip the small community. Has little Culham become the centre of a gold rush?”

7 February 2018 (& i-player afterwards - http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b09rf94t):

“In the second film, Macer is on the other side of the fence, with the architects and the developers who are changing the face of rural Britain, with the people trying to create a sense of community from scratch, and the pioneers making these new mini-Utopias their homes. As one architect of a new development next to the village of Long Hanborough puts it: 'No one has a right to a view -unfortunately. Things change, and we have to get used to that in Britain.'”


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